Madrasa Anwarul Uloom Appeal

As all of us know there is a little awareness to word education in our society. In that case our made of thinking and mindset has been limited about it. At the time we will not aware for it till then the improved. We know very well that it is not an easy task to earn worldly and deevi taleem and to achieve school education is a coastly process for us. In fact the truth is if we want development of our society and to achieve success in future. We should brighten our mind by the knowledge of awareness.

For this purpose and for the service of mankind. I have started and educational institute (Madarsa) named “Madarsa Anwar-ul-uloom”. It is located in Jamia Nagar Muzaffarnagar West U.P. It is running since 01-10-2012 and till the date poor and needy students are going free education here. All Students are belong to poor colony. The people of this colony can’t affard the expanse of any school and institute for their children so for such children we started our Madarsa in this colony to provide then free education.and good luck of these children our Madarsa has got recognition by Government on 15-06-2015.


Quran Shareef Nazra, Hafza, Hindi, Urdu, English etc.

Requirements of Madarsa:-

This Madarsa is for needy student and we are not charting anything from them. So for not the development of it we need donation(Charity).

Present condition of the Madarsa-

Presently Madarsa is running under a temporary tin shade where children are able to achieve quality education but unable to get good facilities.


Suggestion and every type of help are extremely needed to fulfill the basic requirement of Madarsa. You all are humbly requirement of Madarsa. You are humbly requested to


think once about these helpless and needy children. I request you all please help the Madarsa is each and every respect. Who knows tomorrow we get Iqbal, Kalam and Sir Syed among these children. Who knows some charity or help of ours and your for these innocent children may be reason of success in Aakhisah.

Madrasa Committee

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